Radio Nordic Podcasts – Nordic 4H Camp 2015

Radio Nordic was a locally broadcasting camp radio station at Nordic 4H Camp 2015 in Hyvärilä, Finland. Over 1200 young people from 20 different countries arrived to Hyvärilä for a week 23.7 – 30.7.2015. Photo: Tytti Levänen.

Satu Järveläinen was walking around on the first night of the camp, reporting her journey through the camp site.


On Saturday and Sunday camp participants were assigned in to groups for various workshops. In this podcast you will here two groups Radio Gaga and Culture Corner broadcasting self-made news from the campsite.

Coming up interviews about camp pranks, theater and a live performance with ukulele.



Chaperon for 4H Virginia’s campers at Nordic 4H Camp Rory Nansel tells Satu how he got involved with 4H. Rory also demonstrates his Finnish skills.

Interviewer: Satu Järveläinen
Technical Operator: Vladislav Khayrudinov



Scottish Association of Young Farmers’ delegation members Andrew, Rachel and Iain told Radio Nordic about their experiences at Nordic 4H Camp 2015. They also sent a special greeting to Scotland.

Interviewer: Satu Järveläinen
Technical Operator: Vladislav Khayrudinov



Radio Nordic’s flying sports reporter Frederik Madsen from Denmark goes around Hyvärilä campsite during a sports day. Norwegians love volleyball, but what do other people think about the sport?



Radio Nordic’s other flying sports reporter Fred, also from Denmark reports volleyball and other activities during the sports day at Hyvärilä. He meets a group ordering pizza and a possible Norwegian hobbit.


More podcasts of camp’s radio shows will be uploaded here shortly.

Opening march and programme at Nordic 4H Camp in Nurmes

The opening march of the Nordic 4H camp was a loud welcome for everyone at the camp. The cheerful shouts of the groups let everybody within the camp area know that the campers have finally arrived and they are ready to learn to move and to move to learn. Photos: Tytti Levänen Lue lisää...