A 4H enterprise is a great way to practise managing your own business. You get to be your own boss, choose your working hours and work as much as you like. The 4H entrepreneurs are between 13 and 28 years and members of their local 4H associations.

As a 4H entrepreneur

  • you get learning experiences and opportunities to develop your skills.
  • the threshold for becoming an entrepreneur will be lowered in the future.
  • you will gain an enterprising attitude for working life.
  • you have a chance to gain ECTS credits and a digital badge.
  • you create job for yourself for the summer, or anytime you choose.

Contact your local association to start your own 4H enterprise.


How to start a 4H enterprise

You will learn more about building your own 4H enterprise in a 4H entrepreneur course. You don’t need to have a clear idea for the enterprise, only an interest. The course gives you an opportunity to list your ideas and clarify and develop them further. A 4H enterprise can be established alone or with friends.

A 4H enterprise can be anything that you are good at, there are few examples below:

  • housework help
  • a summer café
  • making and selling handicrafts or jewellery
  • magician or musical performances
  • petsitting or babysitting.


Each 4H enterprise gets a mentor who helps  with any questions or challenges that may arise during the whole journey.

Before starting a 4H enterprise, you need to write a business plan and fill in the start-up paperwork as well as a contract with a mentor.


Ready – set – go

When all the paperwork has been completed, you are ready to go. Now you can make and sell your own products and offer your services to families, organizations and companies. In 2019, there were over 1500 4H entrepreneurs in Finland and the sales of the 4H enterprises were over 1,7 million euros.

Being an entrepreneur gives an insight on everything related to having your own business. You will learn about

  • writing contracts and making receipts
  • marketing
  • payroll, etc.
  • depending on your enterprise idea, also handicrafts, cleaning, gardening, baking, etc.

4H enterprise is a safe and an exciting way to employ yourself.

Every entrepreneur can decide whether or not to get a business id, since it is not necessary. They have to keep a record of incomes and expenses, save the receipts and submit an annual report to a local 4H association each year. There is also an opportunity to participate in a national competition that is held every year.


Enterprises of the year 2019

A national 4H enterprise competition is arranged each year. In the competition, 4H Finland chooses the 4H enterprise of the year in two categories: 13 to 17 years and 18 to 28 years.

VeljeksetAvuksi (BrothersToHelp) was selected to be the enterprise of the year 2019 for the category 13–17 years. This 4H enterprise was established by Veikka and Otto Määttä to provide yard work and other housework, for example gardening, painting, lawn mowing, etc.

Villit Juuret (Wild Roots) was selected to be the enterprise of the year 2019 for the category 18–28 years. Venla Siltovuori established this 4H enterprise to sell traditional pastries and wild food products.


4H enterprise in a nutshell

  • For youth between 13 and 28 years.
  • Sales between €50 and €7000/year.
  • You can get ECTS credits and digital badges.
  • You can establish a 4H enterprise alone or with friends.
  • Every 4H enterprise is assigned a mentor.
  • You can work as a 4H entrepreneur as long as you want and you can close the business whenever you want.


For more information, contact your local 4H association.