4H Finland supports young people’s growth with international opportunities, such as international exchange programme, Rural Youth Europe events and international 4H camps.

We strongly encourage the youth of Finland to participate in these opportunities, but also the youth of other countries to consider Finland as a potential place to visit!

International cooperation


We are part of the Global 4H Network.

4H Finland organizes IFYE youth exchanges (International 4H Youth Exchange) for young people aged 18–25. Exchange takes place during summer months.

When coming to Finland, the international guests stay in Finnish host families, and get a taste of what  family life in Finland can be and what 4H Finland is like. The delegates spend approximately 3 weeks in one host family, all of which are not in the countryside. The exchange lasts a maximum of 3 months. The exchange begins with an orientation in Helsinki, where the international guests get to explore the capital of Finland. During the orientation they also learn about Finnish culture and language and meet other young people coming to Finland from all around the world. If you want to have  an exchange in Finland (a great choice), contact your national IFYE coordinator.

Here is the link for the incoming IFYEs



Rural Youth Europe (RYEurope) is a European Non-Governmental Organization for rural youth. RYEurope’s objectives are for instance:

  • Educate and train young people and create awareness about rural and social issues.
  • Actively encourage rural populations and industries.
  • Support the development of new rural youth organizations.

4H Finland is an active member of Rural Youth Europe, and together with other member organizations, offers 4H members an opportunity to take part in international events across Europe. Most Rural Youth Europe events are for young adults aged 18 and older.

Read more about RYEurope and the events here.


Erasmus+ is European Union’s education, youth and sport programme. It offers opportunities to educate,  study and  train abroad. There are also opportunities to cooperate with international partners,  the most familiar for 4H youth would be ‘Youth in Action’. Local 4H associations are involved in Youth in Action -projects as their members can apply for funding for organising a group exchange.

Find more information here or watch a video here.



Nordic 4H camp is held every other year and is intended for young people aged 14 and older from around the world. The programme is diverse and entertaining including an opening ceremony, games, workshops and evening events.

Nordic 4H Camp was held in Denmark in 2019 (more information here, and in 2021 it takes place in Sweden.



For more information about international opportunities 4H has to offer, please contact:

Ms. Johanna Pölkki, johanna.polkki(a)4h.fi.