4H in Finland

4H Finland is a youth organization with almost 45,000 members. Our organization is non-profit with no political or religious affiliations.

Our member base consists of children, youngsters and families, as well as those adults who want to support our values and activities. The average age of our members is 13.

The youth work of 4H Finland is based on our four values: Head, Hands, Heart and Health.

Head – represents the importance of continually developing your thinking and always aspiring to be honest and fair.

Hands – refers to the practical skills that are learnt in all 4H activities as well as an active and entrepreneurial mindset.

Heart – stands for respecting and taking care of other people and nature and for being broad-minded and cooperative.

Health – stands for both physical and mental well-being. 4H members aim to create everyday well-being for themselves and others. We are ready to do good deeds both in our everyday lives and in a bigger picture.

Our organization

The following chart represents our organizational structure.

The highest decision-making body of 4H Finland is the Meeting of Representatives, which convenes every three years. The Meeting of Representatives elects the Committee (23 members), which in turn elects the Board (chairperson + six members). The Meeting of Representatives also approves the organization’s strategy for the following three-year period.

At the local level, there are about 200 local 4H associations in Finland which organize local activities and are supported by the national office, The Finnish 4H Federation. The main source of funding for local 4H activities comes from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, with additional funds coming from fundraising, project funding and municipal grants and service provisions.