Privacy policy

We collect information about the visitors to our website. In this privacy statement, we explain how we process your information and your rights as a data subject.

The data controller is responsible for ensuring that your information is collected and used appropriately. The data controller for this website is

4H Finland (Business ID: 0202342-5)
Karjalankatu 2 A
FI-00520 Helsinki, Finland

For more information about data protection, please contact

Kirsi Korpaeus
Administrative and financial director
4H Finland

Whose information do we collect and why?

We collect information about different user groups, which are reviewed in more detail below. There must always be a basis for processing personal data, which in our case is what is known as ’legitimate interest’. This means that your information is useful for taking care of matters related to 4H Finland, but the risk this poses to you is low.

Most often, we use forms to collect contact details such as your name, phone number and email address. Some forms also ask for your age or place of residence. This information is sent directly to the email address of the person responsible or to the database they are using. The person responsible will store the information only for as long as it is necessary for sending out materials, compiling statistics or making a decision.

We collect information from visitors themselves and also from other people. The information is only used for the purposes for which it has been collected, and we store it only for as long as necessary.

Visitors to the website

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website. We use tools such as Google Analytics to collect statistics on the number of visitors to our website and the pages they visit most often. By using cookies, your browser can remember details such as your language selection. The purpose of this information is to help us develop our operations and facilitate the use of our website.

If you share the content of our website by using social media buttons, the social media service will install its own cookies on your device. In this case, the cookie will come from services such as Instagram or Facebook and not from our website.

We cannot identify you on the basis of the information we collect by using cookies. The cookies remember the what and when of your browsing activity on our website. The use of cookies is based on consent, and you can disable cookies from your browser settings if you so desire.

Signing up for events and courses

On our website, you can sign up for various events and courses by filling out a form. We use forms to collect contact details and other information necessary for organising events, such as information about allergies and special diets in the case of events that involve catering. If necessary, we may associate your sign-up information with the information in our member register. The information is stored for a maximum period of two years from the date of the event.

Personal data are not disclosed to parties assisting in arranging events unless this is essential for safety reasons. For example, a party providing catering for an event only receives information about the allergies themselves, not about the identities of the persons with allergies.

If an event is organised entirely by an external partner, we make this clear in the sign-up process. In such cases, the host of the event is responsible for data protection even if the sign-up link is on our website.

Competition participants and grant applications

You can participate in competitions or nominate someone for a grant by using the forms on our website. Every year, we hold competitions such as the 4H Club of the Year and the 4H Company of the Year. We use the forms for collecting the contact details of the participants and candidates as well as reasons for grant nominations and background information about the candidates.

The personal data in these forms may be filled in by people other than the candidates themselves. We have a legitimate interest in collecting the information, and the information is only processed by 4H employees who need them for performing their duties. The information may be disclosed to partners if this is necessary for decision-making or awarding of grants.

Development of activities and reporting

You can use the website for giving us feedback or submitting reports on activities and events. These forms may ask for information such as contact details or project-related information. You can also use a form to let us know about a special day for a particular employee. For these purposes, another person may provide information about you. This information is also processed only for the purposes for which it has been collected.

Persons interested in 4H activities

If you are interested in 4H activities, you can leave your contact details via our website. We will forward you information to the nearest local association so they can contact you.

New members and other persons logging in to our services

If you became a member via our website or log in to our member service or other service, we will explain how your information is processed when you log in. The member register, for example, has a separate privacy statement, which you can read when becoming a member or logging in to a service.

Processing and transfer of information

We use subcontractors such as online service providers for processing information. In some cases, your information may be stored outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area in a cloud service, for example, but in such cases we have an agreement for ensuring the protection of your data.

Your rights

You have the right to inspect the information we hold about you. If your information contains errors, we will correct them. You can also request us to delete your information or prohibit its use. However, if we are legally required to store the information, we cannot delete it.

In all data privacy matters, you can contact the responsible person mentioned at the top of this page.

If you think we have processed your information unfairly or unlawfully but we refuse to rectify the matter, you can complain to the Data Protection Ombudsman (

Amendments to this privacy statement

We may amend this privacy statement if the legislation changes or our activities change or develop in such a way that the information in this statement is no longer up to date.