Taimiteko, Seedling Action

Taimiteko, seedling action, means a concrete action that an organization can do to tackle climate change. Every action matters!

Taimiteko is a pioneering Finnish carbon offsetting initiative launched by 4H Finland and open to all organizations and individuals who want to help tackle climate change. Anyone can participate in Taimiteko. Taimiteko can mean planting just a few seedlings or compensating the whole year’s carbon emissions. All the while you will be helping to create jobs for the Finnish youth. In Taimiteko, seedlings are planted by young Finnish people.

Taimiteko’s objective is to increase Finland’s carbon sinks by planting trees in areas that have not been in active forestry, agriculture or peat production for years or even decades. The goal set is to plant 10,000 hectares of new forest in Finland by 2030 – equivalent to around 20 million trees. So far, we have planted 200 hectares of new forest.

With Taimiteko, every contribution makes a difference towards tackling climate change and boosting youth employment – and you can even choose to plant enough trees to offset your carbon dioxide emissions for the entire year.

In November 2021, Taimiteko won the Responsibility Action of the Year award. The award was given by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce.

Anyone can participate

Any organisation or individual can participate in the Taimiteko initiative. Come join us!